Rent a RV - Where Do You Rent an Recreational vehicle?

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Rent a RV - Where Do You Rent an Recreational vehicle?

Rent a RV - Where Do You Rent an Recreational vehicle?
Great question, because I had no idea either. The first place I went to do research is where everybody does a lot of research nowadays: Facebook. I asked on Facebook where is a good place to rent an RV? I had a few people in my area suggest a local RV dealer. Perfect.

I called them, and on my first attempt I got an answering machine. Hmmm. Trying to figure out why a business in the 21st century doesn’t offer a live person to talk to. That’s okay. I live in southern Illinois. I get it. I leave a message telling them I’m very interested in renting an recreational vehicle, please get back to me as early as possible.

A day goes by. Another day goes by. A week goes by. Another week goes by.

Nothing. I still have plenty of time before I want to rent the recreational vehicle, so I thought “what the heck, I’ll give it a try again.”

I call again. Guess what? Answering machine. Really? I leave another message explaining that I called a few weeks ago, was still interested in renting an recreational vehicle, and I’d love for somebody to get back to me.

Time goes on and I get busy with other things, and forget about it, and realize that another few weeks had gone by. I once again share on Facebook profile, how many chances would you give a business to get back to you? I think I updated the comment to the same feed, seeing what the people would say that knew and had rented from this dealer before.

Once again I got positive feedback that they had great experiences with the individual, not sure what’s going on, but to give it one more shot. Reluctantly, I agreed. I called back a third time and finally get a chance to talk to somebody who I think is the owner. I talk to the guy for about 10 minutes, telling him what I want. He says he’s busy at the moment but he’ll get back to me with some information by the end of the week. End of the week comes, nothing. Monday rolls around. Nothing. Tuesday rolls around. Nothing.

At this point, I’m done. I immediately go to Google and type in “Rent an RV” and I come across Cruise America. I read a few reviews and it seems like what I’m looking for. This is perfect. I call the toll free number, and guess what happens? I get to talk to somebody. Immediately. I tell them what I’m looking for, and they explain everything in great detail.

I’m taking notes, writing down numbers, I’m excited. I’m actually making progress. I tell them the time frame of when I’m looking to rent the RV, and they tell me that starting in June is their peak season, and that’s when prices go up. If I’m able to reserve the RV and actually begin the rental in May, then I would get a cheaper price and save money. It worked out perfectly, since my oldest son would be done with school on Friday, May 30.

I agreed to pick it up May 31. At this point in time, all I have to do is put down a $300 reservation deposit. Since I’m gung ho on the idea of renting the RV, I go ahead and lock it in, and can’t wait to share with my wife the exciting news.

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