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Off-Road Prowess: GMC Sierra AT4

Off-Road Prowess: GMC Sierra AT4 GMC is GM’s “professional grade” brand, a tagline which suggests that carpenters, home builders, and landscapers are among its chief buyers. Although all three invest in pickup trucks and SUVs, GMC is much more than that: it is brand prized by families and outdoorsmen as well.Very recently, GM began seeking to offer some distinction between GMC and... ↪ read more...

Chevrolet Colorado: Why I’d Buy It

Chevrolet Colorado: Why I’d Buy It If you're reading this, you probably should know that I am not your typical pickup truck buyer. I'm Middle-Aged Suburban Guy. I have a spouse, a house, a part-time dog (don't ask), and a terraced, clay-soil back-40 that swallows mulch and Amend as fast as a bulldozer could dump it. Don't take care of the yard, and the shrubs and fruit trees whither. And I... ↪ read more...

How to insure multiple vehicles

How to insure multiple vehicles Adding a car to your insurance policyIf you buy a car and want to add it to your policy, notify your insurance company. Typically, you can have up to three or four vehicles on the same policy. Have this information ready when you contact your insurer:Your name and your policy numberMake, model, and year of the vehicle you’re adding to your insuranceVehicle... ↪ read more...

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